Our Cancellation Policy

Acoustic Guitar Lesson Barnsley
Happy woman at guitar school barnsley

We want your guitar playing to be liberating so we only have one rule. It is an important rule and by having your lessons with us you agree to follow it. We don't like this rule but have found it is the only way for both sides to stay fair.




We require 24 hours notice of a lesson cancellation or we charge full price for the lesson, no if's no but's (except for weather ie snow). This 24 hours is vital for us so that we can keep our diaries running smoothly.


You can tell us in person or call us on 01226 885060, leave a message on our answer phone which has never broken, email us at admin@andystocksguitarschool.co.uk, text us on 07454454388 or message us on facebook at facebook.com/GuitarLessonsBarnsley. There are so many ways to do it nowadays it's like A la Carte cancelling service.


Please note that these are the only ways we accept cancellations and contacting the tutors directly through their phones or facebook does not class as an official cancellation. This is because it makes the diaries hard to manage centrally.




Now any agreement wouldn't be fair if it didn't have balance so we promise that we will give you a free lesson should we have to cancel your lesson within 24 hours (except for weather ie snow). The good news is that we don't cancel lessons within 24 hours. 



If we all stick to that we will be as happy as this free image of a happy woman I found whilst building the site.