Don't Learn The CAGED Method

Unlock The Fretboard

Lesson 1 - A Natural Minor

One of the most important skills you can have as a guitarist is to be able to play across the entire fretboard. Many methods have been invented to teach this but most of them are limited by what you can achieve with them. Learning methods such as the CAGED system will eventually let you down as you come across more complicated forms of music. It is also very easy to get into a rut using such a system as you will be playing in set box shapes.


This method will allow you to learn the fretboard fully and quickly whilst having fun. By following the video you will learn the A natural minor scale across the entire fretboard by playing along with me. All of the fretboard diagrams are included in the video but I have added them below for reference.

1st Fingerboard Map
2nd Fingerboard Map
Full Fingerboard Map​

Once you are comfortable with the shapes and the instruction in the video you can use the backing track on your own in the video below.


It is very important that you learn this fingerboard map thoroughly before moving on to the the next lesson.

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