This page will be used to update all our customers on the school's status during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

March 23rd, 2020

With immediate effect, all our lessons will now be conducted online. The guitar school is no longer open to the public until further notice. Your lessons will now take place online at the same time with the same tutor. Your tutor will be in touch before your next lesson to make sure you are set up. Many of our students have already taken us up on online lessons and rebooked as normal. It is now time to make the move to 100% online. We thank you for your continued support.


March 17th, 2020

IMPORTANT - All band rehearsals and gig on 27th March are postponed until further notice.

During this crisis, emailing will be the best way to contact us.


Thank you for taking the time to listen to our announcement regarding the school's position on Coronavirus. The health and well-being of our students and extended family are paramount to us at Andy Stocks Guitar School and the information that I’m about to tell you should clarify our strategy.


Due to this, myself, Billy, Kyle and Kieron have decided to change the way we work to ensure that everyone can still access their guitar lessons at the same time with the same tutor without fear of contracting or spreading the Coronavirus.


Due to the government's advice, if you still wish to come to the school for your lesson then you will be welcomed provided you do not have any symptoms and your tutor is happy to take the lesson in person. I have given all of my staff autonomy as to whether they still take one to one lessons, however, they are under strict orders to stop face to face lessons if they display even the mildest symptoms of Coronavirus and the only lessons they will be able to do are online sessions. Should the government guidelines change and they close the school down, ALL lessons will be done online. Your lessons will be in our diary until either you or we cancel them. You will still receive your reminders. However, if you are not comfortable with coming to us then we are now offering our lessons one to one but online. If this applies to you then please email us when you receive your reminder to activate your online lessons otherwise we will expect you at the school.


Working online is nothing new to us and you may not know that we have been delivering lessons in this way for over 10 years. In fact, The Gadget Show did a feature on us back in 2011 showcasing this service.


We are lucky enough that technology allows us all to meet without being in the same room. Our new way of working through the Coronavirus will be done by taking your lesson, one to one, with your own tutor, at your normal time using either your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. While this may seem a little different with over 10 years of experience in this field we can assure you that the lessons are directly comparable to being in person. Over the last ten years, we have taught students from beginner to advanced, for fun or even guiding them to top marks in graded exams.


By teaching this way it ensures minimum face to face social contact with no interruptions to your studies and wider benefits to you such as savings on petrol and parking.


As you all know, we run a self-service diary system that reminds you of your lesson. You can cancel or rearrange your lessons through the system and also pay online via card or bank transfer.


I hope that you can see that your experience with us will be very much the same. Let me now take you through our new way of meeting up.


Firstly you need to decide what device you would like to use to take your lesson on. Your phone or tablet may be the most convenient. If you do have a laptop or desktop then that would give you a few extra features during your lesson but it is not essential.


Secondly, we would need the email address you want to use for that device. This will be used to connect us to you. We will send you an email requesting our connection. The email will have very simple instructions regarding the app we will use to connect. This app is called Zoom and is a world-class platform with all the right security credentials. You will be asked to download this small app in order for us to connect. This is free.


Once that is done we will “ring” you through the app at the start of your lesson time and then begin your lesson. Please allow us a few minutes from the start of your lesson to make the request because we may run a few minutes behind just like we sometimes do when you are in the waiting room.


From there you will be able to see and hear your tutor on your chosen device and the lesson will start as normal. We will pick up where we left off and teach you in exactly the same style as we normally do. Any written music will be emailed to you during the lesson.


You can pay for the lesson through bank transfer or card at the end of your session. We will then do it all again the next time.


We understand that we are all in the same boat with this pandemic. If you can’t make your lesson then please give us 24 hours notice where possible, however, I have taken the decision to remove our 24-hour cancellation policy fee during this pandemic. This will enable us all to make the right decisions based on all of our health rather than financial. Please only use this waiver for what it is intended.

A video of this announcement can be found here

March 16th, 2020

Due to the government's update today on the Coronavirus we are holding a meeting on Tuesday 17th March. Unfortunately, this means that lessons on that day will be cancelled but will resume on Wednesday 18th March under our new way of working which will be announced after tomorrow's meeting. We are doing this to protect the safety of our students, vulnerable family members and staff and ensure that lessons carry on as uninterrupted as possible.

We thank you for your patience.

An announcement will be made tomorrow regarding the upcoming Rock Crew rehearsal and gig.

Please note that the drum school is a separate business with its own policy. Please contact them directly for updates regarding their position.

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